Learn how Realty Result cant utilize foreign investors for a global presence!


My team with Realty Result seeks to bring the global market together to facilitate real estate investments. Right now, foreign investors are seeking US real estate as a prime source of investment. Why? Because real estate has the best return for these investors, and because foreigners are interested in moving to the US. This is driving up local prices, and we are seeing a record number of all cash, foreign buyers.

So here’s a little information on our global investor network that will help you get your place sold! Los Angeles is seeing record levels of foreign investors buying with ALL CASH, so we’re here to help you leverage this new channel.

For some numbers: Foreign clients paid on average $500k per transaction, and most were cash! And an incredible ONE out of every TWELVE homes are bought by foreign investors in LA right now, so now is the time to utilize this channel- and I’m here to help.